Experts of both mainstream allopathic system as well as alternative systems agree that allergy is one of the reasons for asthma and sinusitis. Allergy occurs when one consumes foods that trigger histamines, or when one inhales polluted air. When you consume food that triggers the histamines, it results in asthmatic symptoms. People who live in cities, near factories, inhale carbon monoxide and other toxic gases and this in turn affects the airways. The airways become inflamed, that airway passage reacts to triggers like smoke, dust pollen, cockroach, mold spores etc. The narrowed airway produces excessive mucus, which results in difficult breathing.

When there is mucus in the airway passage, when there is inflammation of the airway passage, when the smooth muscles of the lungs contract, the airway passage gets constricted, resulting in difficulty breathing.

Some fear that asthma can lead to cancer or tuberculosis. This is wrong. Some suggest change of environment as a cure but it is not so. Asthma is not a contagious disease. Some people ostracise asthmatic patients fearing they may contract the same. This is also not true.

There can be many reasons for constriction of airway passage. In some cases, cancer tumour in the airway passage can block free flow of air and can manifest asthmatic symptoms. The inner walls of the bronchial airways become inflamed. Mast cells and lymphocytes abound and pressurise the walls resulting in panting and difficult breathing.

Allopathic system uses antihistamines and nebulizers to control asthma. Prolonged usage can result in increased tolerance to medication, necessitating increased dosage. The side effect of medications is a concern that cannot be wished away.

Herbal remedies on the other hand are less riskier, have no side effects when consumed as prescribed by the physician.

Some herbs that are used in treating asthma, sinusitis etc are neem, vilvam, thulasi (basil), atthi, adathoda, thoothuvalai, kandankathiri, karpooravalli.

There are excellent time-tested Siddha and Ayurveda herbal remedies for asthma. I will elaborate more on herbal remedies for asthma in subsequent posts.

Thippili chooranam is yet another time tested remedy for asthma.


Arisi thippili
Siru nerunjil
Kandankathiri seeds

30 gm of each of these are taken and powdered to a coarse consistency and stored in a bottle.

Take a pinch of this powder with honey thrice a day after food.

Dietary restrictions: Avoid cold items like banana, ash gourd, radish, lemon, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower etc during the intake of medicine.