Cough and Cold

Some Siddha home remedies for cough and cold are given below.

Chitharathai kudineer or infusion

The ingredients are chitharathai (alpinia officinarum) 10gm, perichan (phoenix dactylifera) 10 gm, chukku (zingiber officinale) 10 gm, and athimathuram (glychyrrhiza glabra) 10 gm.

These are powdered coarsely and bundled in a cloth. This mixture is boiled in 50 ml milk adding 50 ml water to it. Continue heating at a low heat for sometime and then decant it. Add 10 gm of palm candy to this.

This should be taken (25 ml) twice a day for five days.

Over the counter preparations

Thalisaathi vadagam – One three times a day.

Korojanai mathirai – Two tablets three times a day with honey or milk.

Siddha Herbal Remedies for Asthma

Some symptoms of asthma are difficulty breathing, tightness in chest, wheezing and unproductive cough.

Adathodai kudineer is an excellent siddha herbal remedy for asthma.

Adathodai manapagu is also useful in treating this.

Pavala parpam is a Siddha remedy available at Siddha stores useful in treating this condition. 100mg three times a day with milk or ghee is the standard dosage.These are some Siddha home remedies for Cough, cold and asthma.